Swathy Sanjay Sindhu, TYV Ambassador


Swathy Sanjay Sindhu, TYV AmbassadorMy personal journey with TYV started with my participation in the highly successful TYV Science Symposium in 2014. Which was when I first got in contact with the inspiring Dr Namrata. She placed me on the pedestal that is the position of an ambassador to TYV and helped me broaden my perspectives on topics from content writing and reviewing current issues. to opinions on commercial ethics and the like: and in the few years that I have known her I must say she has been a blessing to my life. I simply started out with writing in to TYV with my own opinions on  different topics. participating in various innovative events organised by TYV. proceeded to collecting opinions from students of different schools across the UAE. and later began helping with editing content. and I am honoured to say that today I have been given my very own little column in TYV amongst various professionals and students who write for TYV! And to you. dear reader, do watch out for my space in every alternate edition and  hope you enjoy and engage with everything that The Young Vision has to offer!