Tamika Gordon, M.Ed. Educational Leadership, Higher College of Technology


Tamika Gordon, M.Ed. Educational LeadershipIt has been my great pleasure to collaborate with such passionate professionals in their expression of knowledge, in each of their respective fields, throughout the cherished pages of The Young Vision.  The initial thought of participating in this project was exciting.  However, it wasn’t until I conducted research about the vision and mission of this magazine that I felt as though it was my duty to join in their outreach efforts.

The future leaders of any country is at the very heart of their potential advancement platform, so what I hold in the highest regard is The Young Vision’s passion for reaching the youth and ensuring the positive progression of their overall development and educational fulfilment/success.  Within the magical magazine pages are articles on travel for the youth that encourage them to see the world and this in turn impacts their ability to respect different viewpoints. This dynamic magazine also includes recommendations for continued education which will boost the UAE’s amount of highly qualified professionals.  Last, but certainly not least, inspirational works of writing are highlighted that motivate and validate their reader’s thoughts of making their dreams a reality.

I will continue to work alongside the amazing team of The Young Vision as they strive for greatness.  For, even as an adult The Young Vision has allowed me to accomplish my dream of sharing the beautiful world of Education publicly.  I have no doubt that there will be an immeasurable number of readers that will be able to mimic my sentiments.  Congratulations on three robust years of life changing publications!!! 

Most Respectfully,