Mariam Shaikh, Vice President, Student Recruitment & Admissions, Amity University


Mariam Shaikh, Vice President, Amity UniversityI really liked the concept of  The Science Symposium organised by The Young Vision. This provides a common platform for Senior School students to demonstrate their science project ideas. Held this year, The Science Symposium generated tremendous interest among students and TYV received participation from 60 different schools in the UAE.

By the time Senior students are in their final years of schooling they will  have developed substantial research skills, they are familiar with the value of secondary research and the predictive power of existing scientific theories and models. Applying research to their science projects helps kids enrich the significance of their own findings.

The Science Symposium gives students the opportunity to build upon existing scientific knowledge with original research, rather than simply reproducing the results of past experiments.

A great showcase of talent by young scientists who presented their live projects.

Congratulations on this initiative!!