Dr. S. Gurumadhva Rao, Vice Chancellor, RAKMHSU


Dr. S. Gurumadhva Rao, Vice ChancellorMost of the physical, mental and social ills can be cured or at least prevented by removing the misconceptions or wrong interpretations that are being fed from several sources including parents. In fact, proper education of the public, especially young adults, is very much critical for the betterment of the youngsters as well as the society in general.

I am very happy to note that The Young Vision is doing yeoman service in this regard, focusing on educating the young by taking up several issues which are important and relevant to the younger generation, such as career opportunities, proper selection of a career, how to keep focused, how to take care of health, what are the dangers of alcohol, etc. I am doubly happy to know that The Young Vision is involving several stakeholders in the society including schools, universities, etc.

I am impressed by the passion & commitment of the editors of The Young Vision, led by Dr (Mrs.) Namrata & I wish the entire team at The Young Vision all the very best and as a Health Science University, RAKMHSU is very happy to associate with The Young Vision for the welfare of the society especially the younger generation.

With all the Best Wishes