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Applied Arts is the art of producing objects, which are aesthetic, utilitarian and also easy to use for people. Hence, these artists apply creative arts to practical use. It is about combining artistic vision with commercial need. Work of an applied artist can be seen in most basic objects such as table, chair, utensils and also in complex objects like smart phones, microwave, food processor amongst many others. Applied arts is often confused with fine arts. Fine Arts forms the basis for applied arts but it requires much more than that. Various fields in applied arts include graphic arts, architecture, industrial designing, decorative arts, jewelry, photography etc. Selection to some universities for bachelor of fine arts and applied arts is made on the basis of an aptitude test consisting of drawing, creative composition in painting, sculpture in clay and graphic design. There are many universities that provide bachelor’s degree in applied arts or one can also pursue bachelors in fine arts with honors in applied arts. Job prospects are good after graduation. Applied Arts professionals take up jobs in sectors like animation, advertising companies, dance studios, television, software companies, magazines, digital media etc. Trending Field: Animation, Graphic Designer, Advertising etc.

Career in Design

Career in design is for people who have a creative outlook and are able to form innovative connections between colors, shape, materials and textures. Designers are required in nearly every field whether in designing cars, clothes, buildings, products, logos, theatre sets, merchandise sets, landscapes etc. While most indulge in computer-aided designs, a basic fine art is also intrinsic to designing. Design has wide variety of sub fields including graphic designing, fashion designing, interior designing, web designing, set designing, industrial designing, visual merchandise designing etc. Each of these categories requires a domain specialization. One can select their area of specialization on the basis of their interest, skill and aptitude. Most institutes have an entrance exam for admission and competition for the premier institutes like NID and NIFT is quite high. In order to build a career in design one should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the particular field. Designers can find jobs in Fashion Houses, Media Houses, Automobile Industry, Technology Firms, Web Designing Firms etc. A lot of designers also pursue their career as a Freelancer. Trending Field: Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Animation & Graphics

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