Textile Apparel Designing

[td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”SUMMARY” header_color=”#e88f1b” separator=”” tdc_css=””]Textile and Apparel designing is one of the fields within the field of fashion designing. One needs to use their creativity and imagination to design unique apparels while keeping in mind the current fashion trends. An apparel designer needs to be up- to-date with the ongoing developments in the fashion industry as well as keep a close eye on the market and wants of the consumer. Another important skill that designers must possess is the ability to design different types of clothes and dresses using both paper- pencil as well as computer- aided designing (CAD). Textile and apparel designers may work with export houses, fabric manufacturing units, and related businesses.[/td_block_text_with_title][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”WHAT ALL CAN I DO?” header_color=”#e88f1b”][/td_block_text_with_title]

Garment and textile export houses

They design, draw and make apparel, including accessories like jewelry and footwear that appeal to the buyers and meet their specific design requirements.

Textile and fabric manufacturing units

Textile apparel designer in textile and fabric manufacturing units, design, make specifications and then oversee manufacturing of fabrics that meet the needs of the client.

Branded fashion showrooms

Textile apparel designers often design collections based on the requirements of high end fashion stores. These collections are then put across the stores, ready for sale.

Television and Film Industry

The celebrity textile apparel designers design costumes and apparels to be donned by the who’s who of the film and television industry. They consider the plot of the movies and complexities of the characters.


Textile apparel designers also work as personal stylists for celebrities and for mega events.


Textile apparel designers design apparel to be displayed across designer boutiques.

Retail chains

They tie up with retail chains to make customer pleasing garments that are put at all locations of the retail brand.

Knit-Wear Designers

Textile apparel designers work extensively on drapes, knits, hems and patterns. Designers specializing in knit wears strive to include innovation in winter wear, creating knit patterns that are aesthetically pleasing.

Color Specialists

Textile apparel designers work in the industry as color specialists, who pay extreme attention to differentiation of colors, and dyes used in designing.

[td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”CAREER PATH” header_color=”#e88f1b” separator=”” tdc_css=””]

Stream Graduation After Graduation After Post Graduation
Path 1
Pass Class XII in Any Stream Pursue B. Des. (Textile design) for 3- 4 years Pursue M.A. Des. (Textile design) for 2 years
Path 2
Pass Class XII in Science Stream Pursue B.Tech. in Textile Designing Pursue Advanced Diploma in Textile Designing/ PG Diploma in Apparel Design

[/td_block_text_with_title][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”WORK DESCRIPTION” header_color=”#dd3333″ separator=”” tdc_css=””]

  • Develop printed, knitted and woven fabrics using traditional and computer technology
  • Develop and plan the appearance and structure of natural and man-made fibers according to their ultimate use
  • Be up to date with latest and developing trends in clothing and fabric and technologies in textile designing
  • Coordinate with clients, staff members and other network partners to plan and create designs
  • Develop innovative sample designs for clients
  • Visiting places and other sources of ideas for design
  • Obtain fabrics and other materials from different sources


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