The Fascinating World of Robotics


Whether it was Wall-E, Robocop, or I-Robot, we’ve all marvelled at the thought of a world where robots walk among us (hopefully peacefully!)

But the reality is closer than we think. In fact, we’re almost there. Right now, over one million household robots and 1.1 million industrial robots are operating worldwide. So what are they doing?

Believe it or not, robots are performing tasks from simple domestic duties to precision surgery. That’s right – robots are used for intricate key-hole surgery such as gallbladder removals, brain surgeries and heart bypass operations!

Robotic technology is also used to explore our planet and solar system. Robots can venture deep into the ocean, far deeper than any human could, and so robots are used to explore the deep and in shipwreck investigations. Look up, and our robotic friends are exploring other planets, performing dangerous spacewalks where astronauts fear to tread! Heat resistant robots are used to explore volcanoes and can give us vital information about such wonders of our natural world.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are flying robots that are even capable of flying themselves if they lose contact with their pilot on the ground. UAVs are used as spy planes, and even for such noble feats as monitoring forest fires.
Closer to home, chances are your family car was put together by these clever ‘bots, and robotic vacuum cleaners, baby-rockers, mops and lawn mowers provide a helping hand in busy domestic schedules!

Computing power is becoming ever-stronger, and robotic technology is making impressive leaps. The sphere of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is challenging the way we think about technology and new progress in software development means that we’re closer than ever to having our robotic counterparts walking among us.

RTEX, The Robot Technology Exhibition, comes to Dubai at the end of September. It’s the first event of its kind in the MENA region, and will showcase the latest innovations in robotics and automation.