Sandra Scott, Head of Leadership, American International School


Sandra Scott, Head of LeadershipFirst of all, congratulations on your third year as a published magazine!

From the first time I read The Young Vision magazine, I was so impressed with the very idea of having a magazine cater to just a young audience here in the UAE. In the United States there is the TEEN Magazine, and I always liked reading it as a sixteen-year old, and I particularly loved the cover pages- a great way to feature any new young entrepreneur or artist. I once had visons of my picture being on the cover. The covers of the Young Vison magazine are so interesting, too, that I have found myself particularly drawn to read them- not just drawn to them, but fascinated by them. I just knew that whoever the editor was, she must really love what she does, because the quality is so undeniable. Two years ago my daughter was featured in the Young Vision Magazine. I saw her picture as one of the winners of the Sheikha Fatima Award. There it was circulating to 50,000 readers. I was so excited to see her picture! It is such a beautiful vehicle to showcase young talent and provide newsworthy articles. I like the way the ads are laid out as well.

In addition, I enjoy reading the book reviews, giving great suggestions as to what I might want to read. Because I find myself so inspired by this wonderful magazine, I have recommended it to all of my students at the American International School where I am Head of Leadership. It makes me want to write for this magazine. It always makes me feel so happy, connected, and powerful when I read it, and I am not a teenager anymore, which goes without saying! Ha, Ha! Perhaps it makes me feel young and energised when I am reading it, taking me back to those same feelings I felt so long ago. When reading The Young Vision magazine, something magical happens for me.