My Mom


By Ann Albin, Grade 9, Delhi Private School, Dubai.

My Lovely Mom
Who made me born
What more could I say
She guided me all this way.

The best person ever known
She has always shown
Life′s tragedies dealt with her best remedies.

All care and love she gives to me
It is so hard to repay it all back to her
She sacrificed her life just for me
All what I can is I love thy.

She cooks the best food just for me
And yet I say it nasty
She takes all hard feelings from me
Just for me to be happy
All what I can say is I love my mom
No matter how far we are away.

She has always been there for me
No matter how much I hurt her
She has always done the best for
Unlike none other.

I love my mom more than any other
I tell you to love her
Cause she will be the one
Who′s going to be with you till the last hour.