Dealing with Bullying

by Neitya Pathania, The Young Vision Ambassador (Since 2017), GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai


Bullying has become really common nowadays and, especially with growing technology, there is a risk everywhere. Personally, even I have been the victim of bullying – in grade 7and 8 – so I can understand how much bullying can affect you.

So, here are a few tips that helped me to cope and also helped me in helping others who are suffering.

If You Are the Target


Get away as soon as possible and move to a safe place where there are other peers and adults.


Partner up and hang out with others; avoid places where you are alone.


Act as if the bullying has no power over you. Look calm and confident by standing up tall, shoulders back and head up. Even if you feel upset and scared on the inside, try not to let the person bullying you know it. Take slow, deep breaths and remind yourself that you are courageous and will get help from a trusted adult.


Stand up for yourself. Act bored, use humor and guard yourself with a quick (easy to remember) ‘stand – in- your –power- comeback’ like *So? * Yup * And? * Whatever * Who cares? * Got nothing to do?*


Get help from an adult. Share with then what has happened and ask for their support.


Don’t retaliate, and be the bigger person. Fighting back physically or verbally will only make the situation worse and can put you in harm’s way.


Remember that bullying is about the person who is doing the bullying. Although you are impacted and must respond to the bullying, the bullying really says nothing about you, rather it says about the person who is bullying you.


Remind yourself that you are brave, awesome, lovable and worthy of respect and belonging, always and no matter what; no one can take that away from you. Love yourself and own it

When You See Bullying Happen


Be a friend. Invite the person being bullied to hang out with you, whether at lunch, recess, during or between classes or before and after school.


Interrupt the bullying. Create a distraction or speak up!  You can say something – for instance, “Excuse me, that’s not cool,” “Hey, that is bullying,” “Knock it off!” or “What joy do u get in hurting someone?” Only speak up if you feel safe to do so. If you’re in any doubt, just call the victim to join you to help them get out of the situation.


Stop rumours and mean messages from spreading.  Refuse to participate in gossip and laughing when others are put down.


Tell an adult, ask for help


Remember that you are brave and your actions make a difference.

I hope this helps you and inspires you to help others. You can share your opinions and suggestions with us at