Frozen Heart


By Mohammed Samir, The Central School, Dubai, XI-J (Science)

Beneath this chest a frozen heart remains

Anoint by an afflicting pain it gained

Hoping for deep certitude as an exchange

To heal this frozen heart with God’s Holy name


Concatenated devious road I bound

Trustful soul I offered to people’s enchanting sounds

This feeblest heart exhausted from creatures forwardness

Until it got frozen, yearned numb to dead

Fickled fierceness brought enmity

Immerse my heart with sadness and ambiguity

Inconspicuous ominous lore could be seen to my eyes

One’s little toad who wished for a quietude journey and sheer smiles


The visage of this ventures my purpose wend

Few times I Failed & hid in my crumbling shell

Frozen heart it gave, so hard to understand

May the lord God warm this frozen heart with His merciful hands.