Goals in Life


By Caren Susan Joseph, XI, Indian Excellent School, Sharjah

Firstly, what is a goal? Often people mistake their wants as their goals in life.

But a goal is nothing but achievable and measureable, and it needs to be achieved in a specific time frame. Proper planning is very important in achieving any kind of goal in life. But the most important part after the plan is the action, but mostly, this is the part people lack.

To achieve our academic goals we are lucky to have a school with all the necessary infrastructures. It doesn’t matter how you had been in the last term, but what matters most today is how well you will utilize your capabilities and the facilities provided in the school in this term. We are all aware of the famous personality, Mr. Abraham Lincoln – he was the son of a poor wood cutter, and everyday he was found reading under a street light. One day, a police man patrolling asked him, “Why are you found here so late at night?” Boy Lincoln replied instantly, “If I don’t read now how can I become the president of America?” The surprised police man asked him, “You want to become the president of America?” We all know that later he became the best president that America had ever seen.

In order to achieve any goal, one should develop full confidence so that he or she will certainly achieve the goal. He or she should not think of any other alternatives.

The mind has enormous POWER to overcome any hurdles, however big they may be, if only there is a felt necessity. Create such a necessity in order to achieve the goal. I firmly believe that if one plans on being a successful person in society, setting a goal is a very important step.

How many of us have such specified goals in our life? People who had high goals in life proved themselves to be great assets for their nations. Are we not destined to be great? Don’t we have the capabilities?

Dear friends, specific goals in life enable us to move forward towards our destination. And this determination persuades us to strive hard. Are you all ready to be great? All the best in finding your goals, and in realizing them.