UAE schools: Quarantine rules for students returning from abroad

Some private Sharjah schools will start the new academic term with distance learning classes.


Sharjah students who have travelled over the winter break will have to undergo a 14-day quarantine and present a negative PCR test result before returning to their campuses, authorities said on Wednesday as schools step up safety measures in preparation for the resumption of classes.

An official from the Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) said they have been working with school managements in deciding the learning mode that would work best for them when they officially start the new academic term on January 3.

Private Sharjah schools are given option to resume classes with two weeks of distance learning, and a number of campuses have already confirmed that they will be implementing it.

Some schools allow parents to choose the learning mode for their children: They may continue with e-learning or sign up for hybrid education which will see their kids sit for face-to-face classes on some days. Should they change their minds along the way, parents may simply send an e-mail request to the school administration.

The director of a private American school in the emirate confirmed that they will be implementing two weeks of 100 per cent remote learning for all students, from kindergarten to Grade 12. Students who are enrolled in hybrid learning mode and face-to-face classes will return to the campus on January 17.

Samer Sarhane, director of Al Maarifa International Private School, stressed that students who have returned from abroad are strictly required to undergo quarantine and Covid screening before attending classes on the campus. “Giving the two-week gap before our students return to school for the new academic term is part of our efforts to ensure the safety not only of our pupils but also teaching and administrative staff and their families.”

Source: Khaleej Times