Turkey to see increased demand for teachers and teacher training


Istanbul, Turkey – The expected growth in Turkey’s private education sector will see an increased demand for teachers and teacher training in the country.

The challenge will be a key issue that will be addressed as GESS, the leading global education conference and exhibition, holds its first edition in Turkey on 19-21 October at the WOW Istanbul Convention Centre.

According to Turkey’s latest National Statistics Report (2016), the private education sector in Turkey is on the rise with 10, 525 schools, up 40% compared to the previous year, where around 1.2 million students are enrolled and employing close to 134,000 teachers.

This number is expected to increase as the Ministry of National Education, in an effort to improve access to education as well as enhance quality standards, is providing an incentive package for parents who would like to send their children to private schools.

In addition, as part of the Turkish government’s vision, the share of the number of private schools among the total number of schools is expected to increase to 15% in 2023, from its current level of 10%.

“While the teacher-student ratio in private schools is low, expectations on the growth of the private primary and secondary education in Turkey will see an increased demand for new teachers; and the renewed call from various stakeholder groups in the country for better quality will require additional investments on teacher training,” said Matt Thompson, Project Director, F&E Education, organisers of the GESS global series of education shows in Dubai, Indonesia, Mexico and now, for the first time, Turkey.

Experts estimate the teacher training sector will give rise to a $60 million-dollar industry in Turkey, with traditional education powerhouses such as Finland, Canada and the US are aggressively encouraging their private education stakeholders to explore new business opportunities in Turkey.

Aware of the serious challenge for teacher training, GESS Turkey has invited global experts to lead a number of professional enhancement workshops at the event, with global NLP guru David Hodgson leading several sessions on enhancing teaching skills and tapping neuroscience to help teachers improve their craft.

Interest is also high among local and international providers of education-focused products and solutions, as the burgeoning education market in Turkey is forecast to open up opportunities for new business for suppliers who are keen on entering or growing their existing business in the country.

Among those who have confirmed their participation to showcase their products and solutions at GESS Turkey’s conference include Acer, leading global technology company supplying a range of computers and related gadgets; Sebit, an online training solutions provider for students and teachers with content that is in line with the ministry curriculum; Teknolist / Okulistik, which provides interactive books and test preparations; as well as software solutions supplier Inova 3D and leading publishers of education materials Ozer Yayinlari.

Azerbaijan-based School Management and Learning Systems, a software solutions provider for school management has also confirmed its participation, along with several firms from Korea, including robotics firms MRT International and Roborodo; and Youngil Education Digital System, suppliers of cutting-edge education equipment for vocational and automotive training.

GESS Turkey’s conference programme will also feature Innovation Stage and Future Learning to showcase the latest trends and best practice in education with practical tips and demonstrations as well as presentations by leading experts to help schools and education professionals in Turkey improve quality standards.