GEMS Education students celebrate outstanding CBSE Grade 12 exam results


Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Students at GEMS Education’s CBSE curriculum schools across the UAE have once more excelled and done themselves proud as they achieved outstanding results in the 2024 board exams for Grade 12.

Grade 12 headline results:

  • Out of a total of 2,305 GEMS students across 10 GEMS schools, 2,303 passed, giving a pass rate of 99.91%
  • 20% of students scored an average of above 90%
  • 60% of students scored between 85% and 90%
  • 78% of students scored more than 60%
  • The school average stood at 84.42%

Dr Saima Rana, Chief Education Officer, GEMS Education, said: “On behalf of the entire GEMS Education family, I am delighted to congratulate our students for their exemplary performance in the CBSE examinations. Their achievements are a testament to their perseverance and dedication.

“This success also underscores the unwavering commitment and expertise of our devoted teachers and staff, and the invaluable support of our GEMS parents, who play a crucial role in our collaborative educational journey.

“As our students progress to higher education or embark on their professional careers, we look forward with great anticipation to seeing their continued growth and success. Congratulations once again to our students as they step confidently into their promising futures.”

Top-performing Grade 12 GEMS students include:

  • Zahabia Ali Murtaza, 98.8%, GEMS Our Own English High School – Dubai
  • Femy Grace Simon, 98.6%, GEMS Our Own English High School – Sharjah, Girls
  • Pragati Phoolwani, 98.6%, GEMS Our Own English High School – Dubai
  • Elena Ann Kurian, 98.6%, GEMS Our Own English High School – Dubai
  • Muskan Fathima, 98.6%, GEMS Our Own Indian School
  • Batul Mohammad Zainuddin, 98.6%, GEMS Our Own Indian School
  • Harsh Shylesh Pillai, 98.6%, GEMS Our Own Indian School
  • Nidha Fathima, 98.6%, GEMS Our Own English High School – Dubai

Zahabia Ali Murtaza of GEMS Our Own English High School – Dubai, who is not only her school’s topper but also GEMS Education’s topper with a remarkable score of 98.8%, said: “I am immensely thankful for this accomplishment; words can hardly capture the medley of emotions I’m experiencing.

“Firstly, I thank God for all the countless blessings I’ve received. A big thank you to all my teachers and the staff at OOD for consistently standing by me and being a huge source of motivation. I also extend my heartfelt gratitude to my parents, sister, and friends for their unwavering support throughout this amazing journey.”

Thomas Mathew, Executive Principal, GEMS Our Own English High School – Dubai (OOD), said: “Our students have done us proud once again. The CBSE results of 2023-24 are a testament to the commitment and dedication of our students and teachers, as well as the unstinted support offered by their families.

“On behalf of all the stakeholders of GEMS OOD, we congratulate these students for their incredible feat. The school average is a whopping 87%, with 37% of students securing more than 90%, 95% of students scoring above 75%, and 100% of students scoring 60% and above. The 2023-24 results, with 50 centums and a 100% pass rate, once again affirm OOD’s excellence in education.”