SPEA to resume studies in its schools next year


SHARJAH, 29th June, 2020 (WAM) — The Sharjah Private Education Authority, SPEA, has announced that students can resume their studies next year in all private schools in the emirate, according to the preventive controls and requirements issued by the concerned authorities.

The decision to resume studies during the next academic season comes within a comprehensive plan based on the commitment of educational institutions to precautionary measures and a careful follow-up of developments and evaluations of the coronavirus pandemic, to ensure the highest standards of safety and protection for students, and for all workers in the educational field from educational and administrative cadres aid workers.

Dr. Muhadditha Al Hashimi, Chairperson of the SPEA, confirmed that the decision to resume studies in all private schools reflects the ability and standing of the state in facing crises.

She indicated that the commission will work to communicate directly and permanently with all private schools in the emirate in cooperation with several entities and institutions to ensure the implementation of precautionary measures in educational institutions. It will also ensure the commitment of administrative and teaching cadres who will apply themselves with awareness and caution, announcing scheduled inspection tours that will be implemented in preparation for the schools and another when students return.

Al Hashimi reviewed the precautionary measures to be followed, the most prominent of which is the commitment to measure the temperature of everyone who enters the school campus daily, including the cadres from the educational body, students and others. They must apply of the physical spacing procedures approved by the relevant health authorities in the state, reduce the absorptive capacity in the classroom, work to sterilise the buildings of educational institutions, classrooms, laboratories and other facilities periodically in accordance with the recommendations of the National Emergency and Crisis and Disasters Management Authority, and work to organise and manage the school day for students, including meal times, to ensure the physical distance of students.

She added that the absorptive capacity of school buses will be reduced so that they do not exceed 30 percent to ensure the achievement of physical distance, and measure the temperature of each passenger to the bus before boarding it.

They will also disallow individuals working in support and maintenance services during the working hours in the presence of students and administrative and educational cadres. A health and safety officer will be appointed and trained in each school, in addition to licenced nursing staff, to ensure compliance with the application of instructions, controls and requirements.

She called for investing all available spaces and facilities and offering innovative solutions that serve the general goal, before students return to schools on 5th July.

Source – WAM