Combating coronavirus: Sharjah schools to reopen with strict measures


All private schools in Sharjah will reopen in the next academic year in September while adhering to strict anti-Covid measures and safety norms, the Sharjah Private Education Authority (Spea) has announced.

The decision comes following a comprehensive plan that commits educational institutions to comply with precautionary and preventive measures to stymie the spread of coronavirus.

The Spea made the announcement after ensuring the highest standards of safety were put in place for students, teachers, workers and administrative cadres in the schools.

Dr Muhadeth Al Hashemi, chairperson of Spea, spelt out a set of guidelines that needs to be followed by the schools. These include checking temperature of all administrative staff, students and teachers before they enter the premises on a daily basis, maintaining physical distancing, reducing the capacity in classrooms, sterilising classrooms, laboratories and other facilities periodically. Schools also have to ensure students don’t share meals, and they should prevent gatherings and suspend group activities like school trips, celebrations, sports, and student camps.”

Schools must reduce capacity of school buses to 30 per cent to ensure physical distancing, and check the temperature of each student and teacher before they board the bus.

Individuals working in support and maintenance services are forbidden to enter the institutions during school hours. The schools are required to appoint and station a health and safety officer and trainer, a licensed nursing staff, to ensure compliance of precautionary measures.

Al Hashemi said that the decision on reopening of schools reflects the ability of the emirate in facing crises, and its keenness to continue to impart education as a human right, while ensuring the health and safety of students and each employee in the educational institutions.
She added that Spea will work directly with all private schools in the emirate, in cooperation with several entities and institutions, to ensure the implementation of precautionary measures. “It will also schedule e-inspection visits to schools to review the preparation for the academic year before the students return to their classes.”

She explained that the return of students to their classes will be according to a systematic plan. The plan has been developed during meetings with managements of private schools who presented their views and proposals regarding reopening of schools in a way that guarantees the safety of students and those working there, Al Hashemi added.

Source – Khaleej Times