Music is something without which the world is incomplete. The power of music is incredible: It has the power to heal pain and make you feel happy. Being a teenager, I love music and can spend hours listening to it. Just as music is important in my life, does it play an important role in your life? To know the importance of music in the life of a teenager, I interviewed a few students, asking them the question,

‘What is the role of music in your life?’

Music is my life. Music brings excitement in my life. I feel everybody, especially teenagers, has a song to dedicate either to themselves or their loved ones. Music is a language I understand when I really feel lonely; there are times in life where nothing works out, and that is when music again comes in and tunes in to my feelings at that moment. Music has become an important part of my life and it will always remain an important part of my life.
Ailsa Browns, Grade 12, Cambridge International School, Dubai

Music is one of the most incredible creations on earth. There is nothing in the world without music; everything on earth contains a sound within it, whether living or non-living. The world is incomplete without music fulfilling it. Music completes every moment in my life. It gives a magical touch to every moment in my life. There is a song for every moment; whether I am sad, happy, excited or angry. So, music plays an important role in my life.
Elsa Mathews, Grade 11, Our Own English High School, Sharjah

Music plays important role in my life as it gives me the power to handle difficult situations. For example, when I feel lonely and really need someone with me, that’s when I need to play music because I know that there is always a song for me, whenever I need one. My love for music makes me happy – not only do I love singing, but I also love dancing to it. The beauty of music can only be understood by those who respect it, and I do respect and love it too.
Riya Kumar, Grade 11, GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai

Music, according to these students, plays a really important role in their lives… The power of music and its development day by day is remarkable and astonishing…So, what role does music play in your life? Think about it and write to us with your thoughts…