How to Give Yourself a STEM Education at Home


The roots of education are bitter, even though the fruit is sweet. The routine of the classroom can, for some students, be disengaging and discourage a sense of devotion to their subjects. Much of education is based on marks and ranks. Students are given information, hit their books hard, and are finally ready for the test.

STEM is the acronym of the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. STEM Education is based on learning practical applications of these subjects, and this is where it breaks from traditional learning. STEM education encourages the activity and involvement of students, where they understand how the subjects apply in real life.

Today’s generation refuse to be passive learners; instead they expect to be a part of the learning process. STEM education provides opportunities to have fully involved education and challenges students to be a part of it. This encourages the students to deepen their interests and passion.

20 years ago, paper had an important role in documenting much of our practical lives. Now, computers have totally taken over. Likewise, 10 to 15 years from now robots will be part of our lives. Robots will take over the significance of our jobs. In order to cope with future careers, we need to have knowledge in robotics, logical thinking, programming, mathematical calculation, etc.

So the best way to develop such knowledge is to learn STEM at home with STEM-based gadgets. Students nowadays are surrounded by gadgets, as they’re the new evolution of toys. There are plenty of positive sides to this, and one is on the educational side. If used wisely, the younger generation can use gadgets to their advantage.

Here are some of STEM-based gadgets I came across, which will help you to improve your skills in logical thinking, mathematical skills and creative thinking at home:

Little bits, Dash and Dot, SPRK Plus, Osmo Kit.

Author: Vershaa Suresh Kavitha – Gulf Asian English School – Sharjah, Grade 11