Internship help students chart their careers in Dubai


The experience of working with professional people helps students choose their future career paths, say experts.

A growing number of companies in the private sector are working together with schools to provide students with internship opportunities.

The increased efforts are to ensure high school students are equipped with industry knowledge and experience to help decide on a career path before they head off to university.

At the Greenfield Community School, students have interned at the likes of SkyDive Dubai and Jumeirah Hotels, as well as interior designing companies, a marketing firm and a photography studio.

“An integral part of the IB Career-related programme is the work placement and internship, where students spend time in a chosen business or organisation to give them exposure to their intended career path. For many, the internship is such a positive experience, and for some, they do realise it may not be the job for them. But overall, the experience of working with professional people cannot be underestimated and is so vital in helping students chose their future career. The opportunities in the UAE are increasing and companies are becoming more supportive of internship programmes,” the business links lead at the school, Michael Worth, said.

“One key supporter for Greenfield Community School has been the Hilton Hotel in Jumeirah. They have developed an internship programme to give students the opportunity to experience all aspects of the hotel and hospitality industry. Our students spend time at the hotel and work in areas such as front or house, food and beverage, housekeeping, event management and management support. The hotel then takes students for further internships.”

At the GEMS Wellington Academy in Dubai Silicon Oasis, the team reaches out individually to companies or use their network of families and professional contacts to secure internship opportunities for their students.

Sara Radwan, careers and higher education advisor at the school, said there are four sets of benefits associated with providing students with valuable internship opportunities, including allowing students to undergo a real-world experience, helping them during admissions process into ivy-league universities, aids them in achieving the required one-week of work experience in IB-career related programmes and helps them decide on future career plans.

“We have managed at GEMS Wellington Academy, Silicon Oasis, to establish a few partnerships in the area and beyond. We had remarkable placements at and through Fractal Systems, Emirates Aviation University, IE University (Dubai Office) and Jumeriah Group through Emirates Academy for Hospitality Management,” Radwan said.
Meanwhile, students at GEMS Wellington International School have had opportunities in hospitals, law firms, marketing and design agencies.

“The nature of the dynamic business environment in the UAE ensures that our students have access to a wide range of companies. We’ve actively been approached by businesses who want our students to contribute to a business environment and be involved in shaping the future of their product or service offer,” Maryssa O’Connor, principal at the GEMS Wellington International School, said.

Source: Khaleej Times