Goodbye to an English teacher


By ShanaiTanwar (IX-A)

Patience is a virtue,
she had said,
as I stamped my feet

She illuminated the path
of knowledge and wisdom,
and rescued me from the wrath
of stray commas and hyphens.

She scolded me when
I got my grammar wrong,
and praised me high ‘n’ mighty when
I wrote many a poem and song.

She often punished me,
and told me off, but for my own good.
But frankly, I must admit,
to listen to her, I would.

I felt angry at times,
when at my well written essays
she would write “Improve my dear,
improve in many ways”.

My book, filled with ticks
and occasional crosses,
has caused me moments of bliss
and infinite stills of contentment.

And now I am,
solemn and sincere.
This was an experience to remember,
I am upset, this is clear.

But how can I giggle, how can I snicker,
when I am about to leave
my beloved class teacher?

Well, all I can say,
is that Ma’am you have done well.
I apologize for my faults in anyway
and bid you farewell.