When we think about this topic we think of a person climbing a mountain, or tips for trekking. But, no, instead it’s about how to reach success, which is compared to mountains. Everyone in this world is different, with a variety of thoughts and input to the world – hence everyone has different aims and another way of outlook towards success.

  1. Choose the mountain you want to climb:each one of us has different viewpoints, but it’s better not to go for what looks easier and faster, because slow and steady wins the race. We have to put in a lot of self-confidence and energy into achieving our objective or what is best for us.
  2. Find out how to reach the mountain: when you try to glance at your final destination it would look far away and really beautiful, but when you try to reach, what happens? It’s covered with a canopy of difficulties and challenges between you and your destination. At first, the plan would seem like a piece of cake but in reality it would be more complicated than we thought.
  3. Follow the footprints: learning from someone who has been there before is the coolest and fairest way possible. However unique each person is from another, there will be at least two who dreamt the same dream as you have and left prints for you to make your climb easier.
  4. Dangers seen close by:there is no glass without the slightest scratch. There are stones polished so smooth by rain and wind that they have become as slippery as ice. But if you know where you are putting your foot, you will see any traps and be able to avoid them. Dangers are welcome but it’s you who should take care of each step you take and look behind you with what is happening.
  5. Make the best of it:in every rice there are chances for stones, thus when you reach close to your destination you may not feel the same as you did in the beginning, so without complaining be happy about what you have achieved because it is the soul that believed and respected you for your mistakes and achievement that is important and not others’ words, you have to make the best of everything around you. So don’t just stand there -smile!