GETEX is an opportunity for students and educational institutions, alike, to choose from the best


Proper guidance is no less than a blessing in disguise. When it comes to education, it gathers further importance because it entails career of students. This is the reason, where to study, what to study and why to choose a particular course or institution are questions that keep students bogged down! Moreover, when it is intended at studying abroad, it is no less than a Herculean task to have a proper and rightful perspective of the entire course of action.

Student counselling is a two-way traffic. The best people to answer the plethora of questions that come from students could either be subject specialists or educational institutions. This is where GETEX comes into play, its role as a bridge between both the faculty and the students. GETEX, a biannual feature, has gained immense importance as it caters to hundreds and thousands of students in the region who are on the lookout for an institution and its minute details to further their higher education goals.

The Gulf Education and Training Exhibition (GETEX), which attracts a sizeable number of students, educationists and specialists from the world over, helps aspiring students to make the right move in their career. It is one of the best articulated and pre-planned forums wherein academicians, college and university administrations come prepared to boast their services, and make a presentable case to attract students.

Likewise, students have a broader choice to apply their mind and decide for an institution which best suits their financial and other professional requirements. Studying abroad is not an easy decision to make, as it brings with it a holistic number of seen and unseen issues. But GETEX makes that hassle-free, and ensures that students get the right alma mater and institutions are forthcoming in selecting the proper candidates.

GETEX is the region’s oldest education-led event, and enjoys the official patronage of the UAE Ministry of Education and the KHDA. It provides a level playing field for educational institutes and professional training providers to share their ideas, and plans for local and international students. Students enrolling in UAE institutions could be rest assured for quality education along with stringent regulations.

Educational institutions and students eagerly wait for the event, as they keep their prospective plans on the hold looking for better and rightful opportunities. Institutions attending the fair make sure that professional development profiles and training options are laid out categorically, in order to help students and parents decide instantly.

One of the key features of the exhibition is its open forum seminars and the GETEX Counsellors Forum, as well as the first of its kind gathering where ‘Education Meets Industry’ to assess students for their aptitude, skill and capabilities.

Thousands of students usually make their spot decisions at GETEX, and take pride in enrolling at their preferred institutes. Detailed discussions on boarding, courses and admission policies, along with fee payment options are part of the extended feature at GETEX.

Source: Khaleej Times