Becoming a True Success – “DREAM COME TRUE”


[Neitya Pathania -TYV Ambassador, GEMS Our Own English High School- Dubai]
With phones, laptops and TV around, focusing on studies can be really though… but at the end of the day people judge us on the basis of marks and not the number of followers we have, especially when we are students. When it comes to devoting time to study, we end up making a timetable where we give 11-12-13 hours and so on for our studies…but the hilarious part is that timetable is put on our boards and is never followed. Of course all of us dream of becoming a success and that is only possible when we maintain good study habits. Oh! Does that mean we have to study for 11 to 12 hours a day? Well…Relax! 1 or 2 hours is more than sufficient.

Here’s how that is possible, but before we start here are a few tips for you to know which study pattern is the best for you:

  • Know Your Strengths And Weaknesses: – Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is necessary as a base of building to stand strong. After that, aim to convert your weaknesses to strengths and strengths to opportunities.
  • Keep A Note: – Keep a note of your performance whether in academics or extra curricula activities, and always keep a space for improvement – there is nothing called fixed or steady in life…
  • Pay Attention: – Pay attention in class, lectures, workshops, etc. Listen carefully and take notes. The most important information is given and doubts are cleared at these times.
  • Take Proper Care: – Take proper care of yourself physically, mentally and socially. You can do so by taking proper amounts of rest, not to stress about small things, keeping happy, doing exercise, following a proper diet, and so on…
  • Refresh: – Keep refreshing things you learn regularly – this helps in reducing last minute pressures…and keeps you stress free.
  • Set Goals: – Set realistic goals that are achievable…try going step by step, goal to goal…don’t just jump to a goal that you can’t achieve immediately.
  • Be Regular And Optimistic : – Be sincere, regular and optimistic in what you do, you will never go wrong …

Everyone’s Different

When everyone around us is different then why should we follow the same study patterns? Here are a few study patterns you can choose from –

  • Break: – You can break the content you study into small pieces that will help you in remembering the content faster.
  • Play: – You can create a small game in everything using flash cards, jumbling content and arranging them in order, matching, and so on.
  • Sing: – You can tune the content you study with the tune of your favourite song…you can sing it whenever you feel.
  • Teach: – You can also learn by teaching others, as this helps you in revising the content that you have studied and will encourage a better understanding of what you studied.
  • Draw: – You can correlate things to images and objects you draw because the brain remembers images better than what it hears.

Written By: Neitya Pathania, TYV Ambassador, GEMS Our Own English High School- Dubai

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