APP WE LOVE – New Year Resolutions for Youth

Here are 5 app that will help you stay focused on your resolution & give you a new personality.


“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new beginning.”

—Carl Bard

This article is written by Viraj Pathania.  Here are 5 app that will help you stay focused on your resolution and give you a new personality.

  • Nike Training Club – (iOS & Android) [Free]

This App is made by ‘Nike, Inc’. It encourages you to commit to your fitness goals. You can get fit with the free workouts across strength, endurance, yoga & mobility. Every exercise and drill feature is presented by world-class Nike Master Trainers. You also get a set of recommended workouts and guidance from Nike Trainers and some of your favourite athletes, including Isaiah Thomas, Julie Ertz, Sydney Leroux Dwyer, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

  • Microsoft To Do – (iOS, Mac, Windows & Android) [Free]

This app helps you stay organised and manage your day-to-day life. Made by the Wunderlist Team in Berlin, this app is just like Wunderlist, with many new features like My Day – A personalised daily planner, Suggestions – Review what’s most important to you, every day, etc. They also added designs like colour-coded lists, list themes and dark mode.

  • Fooducate – (iOS & Android) [Free]

Who doesn’t want good, nutritional food? This app is one of the best nutrition & health trackers. It tracks your meal, your food intake and exercise, your quality of calories, your macros: protein, fats, carbs, your mood, and hunger levels. You can add your recipes and instantly see their nutritional value! You also get a personalsed nutrition grade (A, B, C, or D) for each food.

  • Space – (iOS, Chrome Web Store & Android) [Free]

This will help you to break free from your device (phone, laptop, etc.) as it manages your screen time. It encourages you to change your habits – not alone, but with your friends and family. Use the toolkit provided and collect achievements to break free from your device addiction. There are many hot tips and motivational quotes to be informed and inspired by their research team.

  • Sleepfulness

As the name suggests, this helps you to get the best and most refreshing sleep. After registration, their will be a Sleepfulness play wheel, which shows the tracks you have to choose from. It works out when you are going to bed, can’t sleep, waking up or in the daytime. These are the four time zones. If required, it will also play some relaxing music. You can also answer some questions to receive personalised recommendations.