14 Jan 2020 – Business Workshop : Innovation in Management


In this new millennium Technology is changing at a very fast face and especially AI is bound to transform the way businesses are carried out across the globe. Leading a team while implementing new technologies have their own challenges and advantages.  Keeping this in mind, The Young Vision – Youth Education Magazine and Skyline University College had organized Business Innovation Workshop on 14th November 2020 at Skyline University College, Sharjah.

This workshop on Education Technology, (Artificial Intelligence) AI & Leadership was been attended by Principals and Head of Departments from high schools around the Emirates.

This workshop helped students understand the essentials of leadership, ingredients of high performance teams, but also gave the an insights into how leaders should lead organizations and teams while using technologies like AI.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To demonstrate an understanding of leadership skills by mastering five key pillars – define purpose, leverage your strengths, influence people, empower others and enable change
  • To understand the need to become an effective leader by developing strong relationships with diverse groups and also motivate and generate enthusiasm and build successful teams that work together better
  • To analyze various aspects of AI (Artificial Intelligence) which will transform various businesses across the globe.


The workshop was conducted using a variety of teaching methodologies like role play, case study, group discussions, management games etc. The main focus of the program will be on “activity based learning” where participants will be actively engaged to perform certain activities and the trainer will relate to the concept.