Abu Dhabi Judicial Department plans to digitise all services


ABU DHABI – The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, ADJD, has organised its 41st monthly media forum, titled, “Digital Transformation, Everyone is Concerned”, at its headquarters in the New Building Theatre.

Abdullah Saif Zahran, Director of the Strategic Planning Division, stressed during the forum that there would be 100 percent digitisation of all services, and 80 percent of all the department’s services will be developed, enhanced and conducted through digital channels by in 2018.

He added that the department has achieved many of its priorities during the current year, which will be completed next year. This is represented by holding over 19 workshops that discussed the potential of digital transformation and reviewed the outcomes of standard comparisons, studies of client experiences and improvements to notary services, as well as launching 46 services that were partially transferred to notary services, 24 services that were fully transferred to the Public Prosecution and 15 services to the courts, he further added.

He highlighted that the main goals of digital transformation, as well as placing them on top of the strategic priorities of the ADJD’s 2016-2020 plan, consist of achieving a mature digital institution in the emirate, as well as implementing Executive Council Resolution No. 9, to form a commission to enhance and develop services, transform the digitisation acceleration rate of the team and the government, make users happy and promote international competitiveness.

Khawla Salem Saeed Al Qubaisi, Director of the Information Technology Division, stressed that the ADJD’s Digital Transformation Programme aims to update the department’s services and make them available through various digital channels such as the internet, smartphones and other interactive platforms, while noting that its main purpose is to provide a full service through digital channels, without the need for the user’s personal presence.

She highlighted that the ADJD currently provides 217 services through 13 divisions, including the divisions of Court Services, Lawyer Affairs, Implementation, Courts, Public Prosecution, Government Cases, the Abu Dhabi Judicial Academy and others.

She also noted that the Digital Transformation Team has used a service analysis form that was adopted by the Abu Dhabi Government, to analyse the department’s services based on special standards for transformation, including the technological readiness of the service, the rate of demand for these services, the personal presence of users and the types of required documents.

Lulwa Awad Al Zuwaidi, Director of the Smart Platforms, Institutional Communication and International Cooperation, stressed that the Department has launched 39 digital services through its website, and noted that there are 80 further services to be digitally transformed and 81 services to be partially digitally transformed, with the latter meaning that the procedures can be done through their website but the user must come personally to the department for the last step, as per the legal requirements. There are also 51 services that cannot be currently provided through the website while stressing that these services will be fully implemented by 2018, she added.

Source: WAM/Hazem Hussein/Tariq alfaham