A day in your shoes

Article written by Sapna Changrani Head of Secondary Dubai Scholars Pvt. School (Established in 1976)

Article written by
Sapna Changrani, Head of Secondary, Dubai Scholars Pvt. School
(Established in 1976)

World Teachers Day 05.10.2021

Teachers have within them the power to shape lives. And, through it all: the hustle, the after-hours and everything else that encompasses being a teacher, the most rewarding of all compensations is the simple love they receive from their students.

It has been six years since the conception of this idea. An idea I thought to be fitting to honor the emissaries of this profession and to quite simply give our students a platform to learn ethic, empathy and self-reliance.

In the hope to do so, we will give students the opportunity to follow your routine. ‘A Day in Your Shoes‘ at Dubai Scholars permits students to step in the shoes of their teacher – just for a day and live the life of one of the most challenging professions in the world.

They plan lessons, manage classes, create resources, use technology and carry books/laptops moving from one class to another, every 45 minutes.

At the end of this beautiful day, what they take back is more than just an amazing experience-they learn what it means to be empathetic, kind, and thoughtful even when it isn’t easy being so.

It is our hope that they can take snippets from wholesome initiatives like these to understand the values that shape a workplace. It is a well-known fact that when building Empathy becomes a central component of any classroom instruction, we find high levels of development in student-teacher relationships.

Teachers are very simple at heart, small little gestures make them smile, a word of appreciation makes them cry. Watching them from far and close, all that I see in a teacher is a Powerhouse of sought-after qualities in any place of work i.e., EQ and IQ (Emotional Quotient Intelligence Quotient).

They nurture, they groom, they teach, they train, they help, they counsel, and above all, they help you carve all your dreams into reality.

Despite all the challenges, the noblest profession survives and thrives on every single achievement of its students.

More than ever, today, this noble profession needs Empathy at all levels; It is indeed a very simple philosophy: our schools will improve if we invest in our teachers, help them grow, keep them safe, value their work, time, energy, knowledge, and health.

A salute to the biggest shoes in the world, those are not easy to fill!

Teachers, we salute you!