The Young Vision celebrates 6 years of service and dedication.


Dubai, U.A.E. May 15, 2018 – The Young Vision is proud to announce its 6th Year as the leading UAE’s Higher Education magazine since 2012, by the MindStake Group as an Education focused Social Enterprise.  Since its launch, the bi-monthly magazine has provided a refreshing break from standard youth magazines, and offers its readers an insightful and inspiring look at real life issues and much more.

With the objective of empowering today’s youth, the magazine coaches its readers to prepare them for future opportunities and responsibilities as they enter the corporate world.  Relevant information and articles on education in the UAE and abroad; campus reviews; student speak (straight talk, youth voice); university pathway; financial aid and scholarship; grammar error column; opinion column; expert speak column; corporate buzz; job market updates; leadership column; management skills; mindfulness; health and wellness column; principal talk; counselor says; teacher says (via forum); articles on fashion, beauty and technology; health and fitness; food; sports; famous personalities; inspiring features; and a strong focus on higher education make TYV an all-inclusive read for innovating youth.

With a social entrepreneurial spirit, Dr. Namrata laid the foundation of The Young Vision, the UAE’s Youth Education magazine for High School and Universities, on May 2012. With a strong determination she started with 17 schools and today The Young Vision is proudly being distributed in over 256 High Schools & 90 Universities of the UAE and digitally available for free read at 

[Founder & Editor of The Young Vision – UAE’s Youth Education Magazine]
“When I look back, the journey doesn’t seem to be easy, all I would say that being a social entrepreneur, I had many bad days, but sometimes you need to overlook and move forward and push ahead because it’s only you know how important your work is to countless individuals and communities.”

Dr Namrata K Pathania [Founder & Editor of The Young Vision – UAE’s Youth Education Magazine]

The Young Vision created endless platforms to motivate students to perform and excel. The Inter-school competitions offered a chance for participants to gain substantial experience, showcase skills, analyse and evaluate outcomes and uncover personal aptitude. Whether it’s Science and technology, Business, Arts, Designing, Brain Championship or Debating competitions, all play an important role in academic achievement and help students to pursue excellence.  TYV Youth Ambassador Programme is a unique programme started with an aim to provide a platform for youth to share, support, discuss, and debate the issues that affect society today.

With an aim of keeping teachers and counselors updated, a free workshop is conducted twice a year on updated topics and support for both new and experienced educators and counselors.

Most Recently The Young Vision has introduced.

Community: To stay connected, The Young Vision created the TYV Community for people to learn, explore and share. The community supports students, teachers, counselor and academic institutions with free access to learning resources and connects them with like-minded professionals.

Financial Aid & Scholarships : We’ve seen many students who give up their dream of studying abroad due to huge costs involved in university enrolment. They have good grades, focused vision and ability to achieve their goals, but the inability to fund oneself for higher education abroad shatters their dreams.  As a helping hand, we have taken one step further to help students by providing scholarships and financial help so they don’t give up on their dreams. (Email us at /

Career Path: A quick guide on employment trends in higher education where we educate on career cluster and its pathway.  You can view the complete cluster here 

Directories: A huge nationwide EDUCATION DIRECTORY OF UAE that educate latest trend in academia, and its insight to help parent choosing right school and university for their child.