Warn about ‘Olivia’ WhatsApp hoax


The hoax that seems to be aimed at children attempts to get its targets to click on links that contain pornographic content.

Police have warned the public about a series of WhatsApp messages aimed at children that contain pornographic links.

The sender pretends to be a friend of a friend or an existing friend with a new number. If the person being contacted engages with the sender they are sent a link to pornographic websites and content.

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This has become known as the ‘Olivia Hoax’ as that is the name the sender tends to operate under. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, however, as the scammer could easily use another name. According to Halton Brook Police, the number is registered overseas.

[I have been made aware of worrying WhatsApp messages being sent from a number registered overseas. The sender pretends to be a friend with a new number but then sends a pornographic picture. If your kids use the App please have a chat with them & check their messages #HereForYou]

It’s important that when using WhatsApp you never click on a link that anyone sends you unless you are 100% sure of their identity.

It’s extremely important to educate your children on this subject too as part of a wider culture of staying safe online. We have a guide on how to make sure you’re being as safe as possible online here.

Source: Tech Advisor