Uniting in Action for a Healthier Middle East


  • Pharmacists and Healthcare Professionals from >11 countries to converge at the ‘1st P&G Health Middle-East Whole Body Health Sym


  • Accredited by ‘Saudi Commission of Health Specialists’, the symposium will see leading global and regional experts deliberate on ‘Total Body Health’ and the role of Pharmacists in education, awareness, and consumer care.

Dubai, UAE, September 19, 2022: In the run-up to World Pharmacists Day 2022, P&G Health, the health care division of Procter & Gamble is bringing together Pharmacists and Healthcare Professionals from across 11 countries in the Middle East to highlight the importance of ‘Total Body Health’ for the collective well-being of consumers and communities. The symposium will see the presence of leading glo


bal and regional healthcare experts deliberating on ‘Total Body Health’ topics ranging from Oral Health and General Health to Maternal Health and Non-Communicable Diseases with focus on the key role of Pharmacists in timely diagnoses, education, and management.

“Pharmacies today are an integral part of the healthcare system. With pharmacists being among the first line of contact for patients, they are well positioned in the community to have a significant impact on public health. Our ‘1st P&G Health Middle East Whole Body Health Symposium’ is part of our continued efforts to advance important discussions within countries and regionally on the important role Pharmacists can play in a consumer’s healthcare journey right from raising symptom awareness to effective intervention and promoting health-seeking behaviors,” stated Dr Ashley Barlow, Senior Director, Medical & Technical Affairs, P&G Health – Asia Pacific, India, Middle East, and Africa.

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  • Patients who received focused attention from pharmacists when transitioning from different levels of care expressed higher satisfaction, according to research presented at the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists’ Clinical Meeting.
  • A Saudi survey found that 41% of Saudi consumers prefer to consult with pharmacists on prescription medication and 48% consumers want pharmacists to increase counselling about their medications. Consumer counselling is reported to be practiced in 62.2% (USA), 25% (UK), and over 50% (Canada) of the cases.
  • 71% of UAE survey respondents search medical information online according to data by BCG, further underlining pharmacies’ potential to raise awareness and offer advice.

“Empowered Pharmacists can play a critical and complementary role alongside healthcare professionals in helping improve condition awareness, diagnoses, management and adherence. I look forward to connecting with leading healthcare experts and pharmacists from across Middle East and Asia to n this first of its kind multidisciplinary symposium and to make meaningful scientific exchanges and connections across therapeutic specialties.” shared Prof Ibrahim, Professor of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, King Saud University, moderator at the symposium.

“Aligned to World Pharmacists Day theme of ‘Pharmacy united in action for a healthier world’, the symposium will also celebrate the stellar efforts of Pharmacists in creating a positive impact on health in Middle East,” added Dr Barlow.