UAE students learn about diplomacy in Conference


[Over 13 schools from across the UAE got together to learn about international relations.]
Dubai – Students from 13 schools across the UAE have got together to learn about diplomacy, international relations and how the UN works at a United Nations Simulation Conference (UNSC) in Dubai.

The conference – hosted by GEMS Our Own Indian School (OOIS), Dubai – aimed at recreating the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) and the Human Rights Council (HRC).

Chief guest Mayank Dhingra, vice-president, commercial (MENESA) at GEMS Education, reminded the students that as part of their duty as global citizens the delegates are expected to propose solutions to eradicate the problems plaguing the world today.

The proceedings of the four committees were chaired by the students’ secretariat. The ‘delegates representing various countries’ debated on topical issues such as fostering global cooperation to tackle poverty and underdevelopment; providing universal access to affordable energy services; and the means to combat the global wage gap. These envoys prepared draft resolutions and lobbied to garner support for their resolutions.

One of the delegates remarked that though there were some incorrect statements and false facts, they were handled sagaciously by the well informed committee.

The prizes for the best Draft Resolution in the ECOSOC, Unesco and HRC were bagged by Meghna Senthil Kumar and Joel Mathew from GEMS OOIS; Zain Nizam from The Millenium School and Hannah Fathima of GEMS OOIS, respectively. The recipients of the best position paper were Amorita George and Arun Anand, The Millenium School Dubai; Arpita Anil, GEMS OOIS and Aliza Kidwai, GEMS OOIS.

The prizes for the best speech were awarded to Nihal Anees and Zaina Awan, CIS Dubai; Nikitha Kallayil, OOEHS Sharjah (Girls); and Siddharth Pramod, GEMS OOIS. Param Abbas, Nihal Anees and Zaina Awan of CIS, Dubai, were the overall winners. All the delegates of the UNSC will participate in the finals scheduled for March, as a part of Global Education and Skills Forum 2018.

Source: Khaleej Times