Twenty-Five Years of Increasing Success


Skyline University College (SUC)

Skyline University College (SUC) is a landmark institution dedicated to the mission of imparting knowledge, developing professional skills and inculcating values at the higher education level. SUC enables students from a diverse range of backgrounds to achieve their academic goals and develop their overall personality to become effective and socially-responsible professionals in a dynamic national, regional and global environment.

The University is celebrating 25 years of leadership and success with a vision of enhancing its quality, size and diversity while developing three main attributes:

  1. Academic Excellence: Achieving excellence in academic standards to enhance the University College’s standing for the benefit of students and society.
  2. Professional Education: Enriching students’ professional education experiences to enhance the employment skills that will enable graduates to pursue and develop successful lifelong careers.
  3. Competitive Advantage: Promoting the competitive advantage of the University College through education, training and consultancy.

Skyline University College was established under the patronage of  H.H. Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, member of the UAE Supreme Council and the Ruler of Sharjah, in 1990 in the heart of Sharjah; a city that has been recognised as a hub of education, culture and heritage by UNESCO. Under the guidance of H.H. Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, SUC has been successful in the pursuit of offering high quality education and creating awareness among students towards the needs of society. It is presently one of the leading Universities in the Northern Emirates.

Since its inception, Skyline University College has been training manpower in the fields of Management Education, Travel and Tourism, Marketing, Human Resources, Information Systems, and Finance. The institution has identified Retail Marketing, Public Administration, and eGovernance as new areas for training the manpower required of these industries.

SUC has made a name for itself in local and international markets as a quality business education provider at a reasonable cost. Over a period of time the University has carved a niche for itself in Business Management Education and training. The programmes offered by SUC are fully approved and accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, UAE.

Meeting Industry Needs…

Skyline University College (SUC) is a forerunner in recognising the needs of the industry and meeting business requirements by developing human capital equipped with knowledge, skills, and values essential for good performance. Teaching pedagogy at SUC integrates knowledge with professional input from the industry and orients the students with qualitative theoretical knowledge for use in practical situations.

Keeping close cooperation with business and industry has always been part of SUC’s academic philosophy. Besides academic excellence, SUC offers ample opportunities to its students in extracurricular and co-curricular activities.

SUC has professional relationships with many globally recognised and renowned organisations such as IATA-UFTAA, Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the World Tourism Organization (WTO). These relationships are vital in consistently meeting industry standards.

Commitment to Excellence and Expanding Knowledge…

Standards and Quality Assurance

SUC strives to groom its graduates to take the world head-on as efficient and effective business managers. It nurtures candidates to become professionals with compassion for the community in all their endeavors.

The programmes at SUC are designed to incorporate general education, business education and specific specialisations in a chosen field of study. They provide ample opportunity to hone interpersonal and professional skills.

SUC understands the demands in the field of higher education at the local and international level, and has assimilated in its courses the necessary ingredients for optimum outcomes. To keep pace with changing times, the curriculum is revised as and when required. An active industry-academia relationship that forms the back-bone of such revision is maintained.

SUC takes pride in its faculty, students and alumni who have time and again proven their mettle at the frontiers of knowledge and creativity across the spectrum of academic and professional activities by engaging in research and community services. The experiences of faculty members ensure an exciting learning experience for SUC students, through continuous engagement in the learning process.

Curriculum and Assessment

SUC offers programmes that lead to degrees with different majors, equipping students to meet the needs of dynamic national, regional and global business environments. A student studying the curriculum will be exposed to all fields of business education including General Education, and Business and Management Education.

SUC ensures the curriculum is distinctive and superior in nature. It significantly extends the knowledge and nurtures intellectual maturity to probe into the depths of knowledge and to specialise in skills with a sense of creative independence. The student is thus enabled to accomplish the goals as anticipated in the programme and transfer them to professional areas.

The main goal of SUC education is to provide a value-based learning environment to the students during their study and instill a habit of lifelong independent learning for continuous growth and development.

Ensuring Integrity

Values & Ethics

Integral to the values of SUC is providing students with an all-round learning experience. Faculty members are committed to nurturing an environment of support and mentorship, and students gain valuable insight through the diverse and internationally-experienced faculty. Students leave SUC with a firm readiness to enter the workplace as mature and confident professionals. It is the hope of SUC that students are fully prepared for exciting beginnings and a successful continuing future in the industry.

Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Water Conservation Day
  • SUC hosts Cleanliness Drive
  • Let’s Talk Counsellor Workshop
  • Cyberbullying Awareness Workshops
  • Community Service

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) concerns the social, environmental and economic impacts of an organisation’s operations. Setting and working towards effective CSR helps to meet sustainable development goals. CSR endeavors are the voluntary actions that an organisation can take to meet the needs of the local and wider society, working towards a better world.

Skyline University College’s social responsibility is to communicate with society, people, environment and economy on a continual basis in a way that ensures subsequent development in the region. They are committed to behaving ethically and contributing to economic development.

SUC takes responsibility for the impact of its activities on student communities as well as the environment. SUC continuously strives for sustainable development via strategically planned events and a calendar that brings benefit to the economy, society and environment.

Perhaps the most important characteristic of SUC graduates is that they complete their education as individuals who have social consciousness, and who are ready to take responsibility for creating a better world.

Building a Pathway to Success

Education is the driving force behind breaking social and economic barriers in our globalised world. Without education, individuals will be unable to succeed against new challenges that our world faces. In today’s economy, competition is high, and younger generations must be equipped with not only basic skills and knowledge, but with experiences that set them apart from their peers. SUC, through its committed partnerships with government bodies and industry leaders, provides its students with such experiences.

SUC Interns programmes gain attention from various government and corporate entities such as EIDA, Sharjah Police, Sharjah Immigation, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labour, Tasheel, Sharjah Public Work, Dubai Sports Council, Various Embassies & Consulates, Social Clubs, A.C. Nielsen, Landmark Group for BBA-IT Students, Air Arabia, Apple Inc. for Management Students of SUC which have opened doors for students.

SUC believes that these associations can bring instrumental changes in students’ lives, and that they make SUC the ‘go to’ place for those wishing to be educated in business administration. The leading-edge research being carried out at SUC will continue to attract relationships and partnerships with other influential local and global corporations looking to recruit the best of business administration graduates.

SUC also invests in students who show great academic potential, but would otherwise be unable to make the financial commitment to study at a renowned institution.

  1. Awarded AED 50,000 scholarships to Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) for eight Grade 12 Students.
  2. Awarded AED 50,000 scholarships to Indian Consulate for eight Grade 12 Students
The Future of Business Management

Business in the Gulf, and the UAE specifically, has witnessed tremendous growth in business activities in recent years. Though Oil and Gas are the UAE’s main industries and underpin the country’s considerable prosperity, trade and tourism have become the key engines of growth. The UAE is now the hub of several multinational corporate houses and leading organisations, bringing the UAE onto the international map as one of the leading cosmopolitan nations.

This scenario calls for quality business education for developing human capital to fulfill the needs of various business activities. One of the most important drivers of any successful economy is its human resources and with these visible trends it is imperative now to have international-quality higher education in business management made available in the UAE.

Keeping in mind the above, SUC’s programmes are designed with academic and practical rigor to ensure that students acquire key managerial knowledge, and the attitude and skills to meet the challenges of the current business climate in an appropriate social and ethical manner. The programmes bridge and integrate regional, cultural, and domestic business practices with the global business ethos, so as to carve future managers for local and global businesses.

SUC, in its pursuit to offer high quality education, believes in responding innovatively and effectively to train human resources and fulfill the educational needs of industries such as Aviation, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, Computers, Marketing, Business Management, and Finance, and is presently one of the leading Universities in the Northern Emirates.

Vision for the Future

SUC has always leveraged the latest research to build students’ classroom experience. The SUC faculty is truly focused on identifying ground-breaking research to shape their own thinking and to influence student learning and development.

For SUC, the student experience extends way beyond the classroom. They offer a holistic approach to learning, and focus on developing the whole student as an individual who will succeed both personally and professionally. Students of SUC gain regular opportunities for networking and career-exposure.

But the journey doesn’t end here. Ever-committed to its pursuit for excellence, SUC has many plans for the future. It plans to venture into Secondary School level education in the UAE, and establish a university campus in Nigeria. Skyline also has a presence in Pakistan, Tajikistan and Nigeria through its own office network. There are also further expansion plans for setting-up SUC offices in CIS and African countries.

SUC also plans to introduce new programmes, including:
  1. BBA with majors in
    –  Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  2. MBA with emphasis on
    –  Travel and Tourism Management
    –  Total Quality Management
    –  Strategic Project Management
  3. Doctorate in Business Administration
  4. Courses in Arabic at undergraduate level with majors in
    –  HR
    –  Business Strategy
    –  Public Administration

Message for TYV Readers…

From Mr. Kamal Puri, President of Skyline University College, Sharjah

Mr. Kamal Puri, President of Skyline University College, Sharjah“You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. And lifelong learning is essential in today’s challenging times, as people can take away all assets from you except your brain; this can be encashed anywhere at any time. Believe in honesty, commitment and leadership, because this gives you confidence.”

“It’s important for the future entrepreneurs to remember that the ‘BIG’ decisions in their lives are not just about money, but taking the right decisions at the right time so as to add value to the organisation and society as a whole. The coming times are going to be very challenging, so the entrepreneurs need to be fully focused.”

From Mr. Nitin Anand – Chair of Executive Council

Mr. Nitin Anand - Chair of Executive CouncilOur strive to deliver quality of education started back in 1990 with the inception of Skyline Institute. Growing from one room institutions to a purpose built campus today was not easy! But our desire to stand out with honesty to provide quality education in the region, especially in the UAE, kept us rolling. We firmly believe deliverables are purely dependent on academics you have learnt within a classroom. It’s actually a divine asset that is nonperishable.

“Being a traditional yet modern University, keeping up with the modification and needs of the corporate world, we believe in developing the overall personality of a student. We don’t just believe in educating students by spreading knowledge and wisdom. In fact SUC prepares students as individuals of tomorrow who can serve the society. We emphasise a lot on employability in today’s competitive world and take pride when SUC graduates are recruited with confidence by employers across various industry and government sectors on a regular basis.”

Why SUC ?

Institutional Standing

SUC boasts 25 years of academic excellence and was one of the first private institutions, established in the year 1990. SUC is one of the leading higher education institutions in the Northern Emirates and has a purpose-built campus with state-of-the-art facilities and an interactive learning environment.


SUC is approved and its programmes are accredited by the Commission on Academic Accreditation (CAA) of the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research (MOHESR), UAE. SUC is a member of Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP).


SUC offers BBA and MBA programmes relevant to the dynamic global business environment. At undergraduate level, SUC offers a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) with majors in Travel and Tourism Management, Information Systems, International Business, Public Administration, Marketing and Retail Management, and Finance. At Masters level, SUC offers Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis on Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management and Strategic Management, and Leadership and E-Governance.


SUC offers qualitative educational programmes that are current and relevant to the dynamic global business environment.


SUC has experienced and qualified faculty members holding PhD degrees in different fields and specialisations of Business and Management.

Academic Mentor

Faculty members are more than just teachers; they also provide academic advisory to students, and enable them to adjust to the higher education learning environment to progress successfully throughout the study period.

Industry Links

SUC has effective programme review mechanisms to update the syllabus in coordination with industry experts in order to keep the courses/syllabus relevant to the industry. Regular industry interface, guest lectures and assignments are also conducted.

Multi-Cultural Environment

SUC has more than 52 different nationalities studying in various programmes, providing cultural interaction to enhance understanding from different perspectives. 25% of Skyline’s student body consists of international students.

Internship/ Practicum

SUC’s BBA programme has an inbuilt internship/practicum which provides industry exposure to all its students according to their majors. This helps the students to relate classroom learning with hands-on industry experience.

Common Room

The University has designed a new Common Room which has indoor sports facilities such as Table Tennis, Billiards, Foosball, Carom and Chess. The Common Room is complete with a comfortable interior where students can relax in the lounge, watch television and engage themselves in various other indoor activities.

Placement Cell

SUC has a dedicated Corporate Affairs Office which organises Campus interviews and career fairs to enable students to find suitable employment opportunities in different growing sectors. SUC has graduated more than 5500 students till date who are working in various leading banks, retail companies, logistics, travel and tourism companies and other private companies and government organisations.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Lab

SUC has unique centres for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Case Study and Corporate Relationships to facilitate career opportunities.


Academic, sports and needs-based scholarships are extended to deserving local and international students. SUC also associates with various government and private institutions, schools, embassies, consulates and social clubs for the allocation of scholarship funds to encourage academically good, but financially weak, students to pursue their higher education.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The campus provides a wealth of opportunities for complete personality development, which include sports activities, a cricket ground, a football ground, gym facilities, year-round cultural activities, and debate competitions. SUC’s campus also houses a fully equipped gymnasium and indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

Centre for Professional Development

SUC offers professional training courses such as ACCA, IATA, CTH and English Language through CPD.