By SudhaKappet, InternsME

Interviews are stressful; period. Whether you’re a student attending your first job interview or a senior manager interviewing for the CEO’s position, you are going to worry before the meeting. Some of us spend all our time rehearsing our answers to potential questions until we’re satisfied, while others go the opposite way and pretend that the interview isn’t happening. The latter does calm you down quite a bit… that is, until you’re on your way to the interview. That’s when panic sets in along with regret, and you realise you have butterflies in your stomach.

So, for all you daredevils out there who prefer to wait until the last minute to prepare, here are 3 quick steps to help you, 30 minutes before your interview. All you need is a pen, a few sheets of paper and a smart phone (with internet of course!)

Step 1: Surf the Web

Check the company’s website; read their mission and vision statements; stalk them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites. If you know who you’re interviewing with, look them up online. The more you know about the company, department and who you’re interviewing with, the better chances you have of convincing them that you’re the one for the job.

Step 2: Be a story teller

Look at the required skills listed in the job description. Now think back and remember how you acquired each skill. Write these stories down so you know what to pull out at the interview. Try finding moments that can answer a lot of questions instead of just one. Remember, proving you can do something is much better than just claiming that you can.

Step 3: Take a Break

The final step is to relax! Listen to music or enjoy a cup of coffee; do whatever it takes to put you in a good frame of mind.

Remember to be yourself. Being yourself is the most important part of any interview; no amount of preparation will help you stand out if you’re not.

Now switch off your smart phone, take a deep calming breathe and walk in with a smile.