Soon, a law to check random school fee hikes


A new law will check random fee hikes imposed by private schools.

The Supreme Legislation Committee in Dubai is set to pass a federal law regulating private educational institutions, including schools, training institutes and vocational centres. It will primarily focus on putting the fee increases under scanner.

Ahmed Bin Mishar, secretary general of the committee, said that the law is in its final stages of preparation and is being drafted in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, reports Al Roeya.

Apart from tuition fees, the law will also look into the assessment methodologies, institutional and parental obligations towards students. 

Following the law, the institutions will have to put caps on tuition fee hike, abide by a certain criteria that will be based on performance indicators after thorough assessment.

Bin Mishar said that the law will rely on criteria which school owners would be subjected to before instating fee hikes.

The law is expected to be implemented in the next few months. The ministry worked with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority as a primary consulting body in the matter.

Source: Khaleej Times