By HAJIRA A. H, C.E.H School , UAE-Dubai

Biryani, kheer, ammi I want them,
Wait for me till 1 pm.
I turned 10 at last moon,
Don’t worry I’ll be back soon.

It seems like a normal day,
I never knew I had a price to pay.
Just waiting for the sunny noon,

I remembered I had to return soon.

My mom’s lunch was not in my fate,
As I became the bullet’s bait.
I thanked Allah for giving me life as a boon,
And I knew I was not returning soon.

Many of them were picked and killed,
Blood spatter and tears filled.
And I knew yesterday was my last moon,
Sorry ammi, I am never returning soon.

Had I not went that day,
I would had more years to stay.
Recalling my ammi’s hug as I swoon,
Don’t cry ammi, but I am never returning soon.