Six Good Reasons Why Students Should Enter Competitions

By Dr. Monica Gallant, President and CEO of The College of Fashion and Design


Have you thought of entering a competition? Are you worried that it might be a waste of your time? There are a number of good reasons to enter a competition even if you don’t win!

Gain experience  – Meeting the requirements of a competition can encourage you to practice your skills or learn new skills that are valued in your future career.

Enhance your CV – Just the fact that you have entered a competition shows future employers or universities that you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and go the extra mile.

Make new friends and networks – You can meet very interesting people who share common interests with you and industry experts who may be able to highlight further opportunities for your career.

Showcase your skills – Competitions give you the chance to show off your best work to a larger audience.

Receive valuable feedback – Competition judges are typically the experts in their field so their feedback is extremely valuable for skill development and confidence building.

Financial benefits – Winning a competition can result in financial benefits, opportunities and exciting prizes.