Sheikh Abdullah urges educators to champion Emirati culture and Arabic language

Minister calls on schools and universities to promote national identity


Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation, has called on schools and universities across the country to step up efforts to promote national identity and culture and the Arabic language.

Sheikh Abdullah, chairman of the Education and Human Resources Council, spoke of the need to integrate core Emirati values into curriculums and teaching methods from early years through to higher education studies.

The senior minister set out his vision during a virtual meeting of the Education and Human Resources Council, state news agency Wam reported.

Sheikh Abdullah said that Emirati history was full of notable achievements that could enrich children’s knowledge and teach moral lessons while enabling them to become future leaders.

During the meeting, Minister of Culture and Youth Noura Al Kaabi reviewed the national framework of Emirati cultural activities in schools.

It aims to develop Emirati national identity and cultural values in pupils through participation in activities, contests, events, school trips, and workshops during and after school hours.

The strategy targets various topics in Emirati heritage traditions, social activities, the Arabic language, folk art and traditional sports, as well as Emirati literature.

Sarah Al Amiri, Minister of State for Public Education and Future Technology and chairwoman of Emirates Schools Establishment, UAE’s public education regulator, reviewed the ESE’s priorities for the next year, and also explained its priorities that include improving students’ educational achievements and enhancing their skills.

In June, the ruler of Sharjah urged teachers to promote Arabic in schools.

Sheikh Dr Sultan stressed the importance of teaching Arabic to school pupils, focusing on the need to develop new teaching methods for the language as well as encouraging youngsters to learn it.

“The Arabic language is our belonging to the Quran,” he said in an address to teaching staff at the Sharjah Education Academy.

“The Arabic language is a stockpile of our history, our knowledge and our culture. The Arabic language is what holds firm our belief in our religion. The Arabic language is what unites us from the furthest corners of the Earth — from the far East to the far West, we are united under one language.”