RTA installs emoji speed signs outside schools


The ‘speed-related smart signs’ are designed to respond to motorists’s speeds as they pass through school zones

[Smart signs installed in school zones flash happy orsad emojis depending on the driver’s speed. RTA]

We all need a bit of a pat on the back when we’ve done something right first thing in the morning – even if it’s as simple as sticking to the speed limit. 

Similarly, a bit of constructive criticism when we’re flouting the rules probably doesn’t hurt either.

As pupils return to school across the the emirates, RTA has responded by installing a number of friendly ‘smart signs’ in school zones to interact with parents as they complete the school run, or motorists passing through the area.

The signs are equipped with digital screens which capture and display the driving speed of a motorist as the pass through a school zone, accompanied by a sad emoji, or a happy emoji, designed to reflect a driver’s “psychological mindset”.

A driving tip such as ‘slow down’ or ‘thank you’ will be displayed under the emoji.

Maitha bin Adai, chief executive of the RTA traffic and roads agency, said Phase 1 of the project had been rolled out in five areas, including Muhaisnah 1, Al Mazhar, Al Wasl, Al Garhoud and Al Safa. The areas had been targeted due to the frequency of motorists speeding there in recent months.

[A driving tip such as ‘slow down’ or ‘thank you’ are also displayed under the emoji. RTA]
“The smart signs are devices equipped with digital screens capable of capturing and showing the driving speed as the vehicle passes through a school’s zone, along with Emojis that intelligently depict the driver’s mental state while driving,” Ms bin Adai said.

“A smiling face indicates the driver is compliant with the prescribed speed limit while the frowning face means the driver has exceeded the speed limit […]. Then the smart signs display either tribute remarks, alerts or warnings indicating to drivers the speed limit allowed on a given street.”

The signs are based on findings and recommendations of scientific studies, and are targeted at reducing accidents.

It would be rolled out in other areas in Phase 2 of the project, determined by factors such as the type of the road, the number of schools in the area, and the number of speeding tickets issued.

The smart signs are part of a wider initiative to eliminate fatal crashes and achieving zero deaths in school zones, Ms bin Adai said.

Source: The National