For those of us who think that we know it all. especially with all the easily reached resources available  to us everywhere. I learnt a lesson: Today, although it’s true that we do have many resources, we do not have the guide and we do not use these resources to our true benefit. We haven’t learnt how to do it right, and that realization in only hit me the moment I joined TYV. There is a lot going on in the world and there is a lot to learn about and know about. We have many challenges and many options to resolve these challenges that we aren’t even aware of. But when i look at this reflection of myself. I see a stronger more confident version of me. Being an ambassador requires you to take surveys, talk to strangers, and gather data, which honestly were way out of my comfort zone but it is a task and I am required to do, so I did issue after issue until I reached a point where it wasn’t a struggle anymore, but a pleasure. I now believe in myself and my voice as a representative of the youth, with these new skills I’ve acquired such as writing, commitment, data gathering, strength and responsibility. TYV have armed me for my greatest battle yet – life. And the best is surely yet to come.