CBSE discontinues 6 courses including the famous English course from Class 9, 10, 11 & 12 Board Exam from this year

[Famous English (101) discontinued in CBSE X, XII Boards | Photo Credit: Representative Image]

New Delhi: As per a recent circular released by Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE, the subjects of English Elective for Class XII and English Communicative for Class X board examinations have been discontinued effective this year.

As per the circular dated March 9, 2018, the board has decided to discontinue these famous subjects starting the academic year 2018-19. These two subjects along with 4 others have been discontinued from the scheme of examinations and schools have been accordingly asked not to include them in the present Class IX and XI. Please note, the students who have studied these subjects in their Class IX and XI would continue to study these subjects and appear for their boards.

The complete implication of the change, who it affects and the list of subjects discontinued is provided below.

As per the circular, the subjects that have been discontinued from Class IX curriculum and subsequently from CBSE Class X Boards are English Communicative (Paper Code 101), Information and Communication Technology (Paper code 166) and ePublishing and eOffice (Paper code 354 & 454). As for Class XI and subsequently, Class XII Boards, English Elective (Paper Code 101) has been discontinued along with Multimedia and Web Technology (Paper code 067) and Dance Mohiniyattam (Paper code 062).

CBSE has also modified a few subjects and re-named it after making changes in the curriculum. Sanskrit Communicative (122) has been replaced with Sanskrit as prescribed by NCERT for Class X. Also, the subject Foundations of Information Technology (165) has been renamed Computer Applications (165).  Similarly, for Class XI, there would be two courses in Computer Science – New and Old.

All schools are required to implement the new curriculum by next year which is 2019-20. CBSE has also decided to merge Academic Electives with similar vocational electives and they would now be offered under the latter. These include the subjects of Agriculture, Fashion Studies and Mass Media Studies.

All concerned are hereby informed that these changes are effective from 2018-19 academic sessions. The students who are presently in Class X and XII would not be affected. The changes are effective for students who would now enter their Class IX and XI. The effect of these changes would be visible in Class 10thand 12th Board Examinations of March 2020.

Source: Times Now News