Pioneering LeadershipLab concept launched in the Middle East


GESS Dubai and global consultancy NoTosh to train teachers and school leaders on leadership and innovation

Dubai, United Arab Emirates; 02 March 2017 – School teachers and leaders stand to benefit from a pioneering training concept that is being launched for the first time in the Middle East and Africa at the GESS Dubai exhibition and conference happening this month.

Powered by NoTosh, a leading global consultancy on creativity and student engagement, the LeadershipLab is a new feature at GESS Dubai 2017 designed to provide a creative training space for teachers and school leaders to enhance their leadership skills and ability to launch and implement innovative ideas and projects.

“A popular leadership and innovation training tool abroad, we decided to bring the concept for the first time in the Middle East to GESS Dubai to enable teachers and school leaders to access a world-class training programme that will help them address leadership challenges in their classrooms and schools,” said Matt Thompson, Project Director, F&E Education, organisers of GESS Dubai scheduled to take place on March 14-16 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Participants can choose from six workshops designed and facilitated by NoTosh consultant Kynan Robinson. Attendees will benefit from attending the workshops in a number of ways, including delivering on an actual leadership project within 90 minutes, learning how to work differently and more effectively with teams, networking with fellow innovative leaders both nationally and internationally, exploring ideas, as well as developing strategies and tools to deal with problems in classrooms, among others.

“From my roots in music, to teaching in school classrooms, nothing gives me more pleasure than creating the space for people to thrive and grow. These workshops are designed to help people on the ground become leaders, not just delivering on their job but developing fresh ideas that become the lifeblood of the organisation. It doesn’t matter if you’re a school or a multi-million-dollar business – the principle is same,” explained Robinson, who has driven some of Australia’s fastest growing education technology firms.

Robinson will lead participants in six different workshops that will help them find the right problem to solve, explore connections that make or break innovation in schools, master ideation that turn daft ideas into brilliant solutions, test new ideas, learn prototyping to fast-track strategy execution; as well as find out about The Seven Spaces of Learning, a practical strategy for developing a new school building or renovating existing spaces.

Seats to the LeadershipLab are limited to 20 participants and on a first come, first served basis, so interested teachers and school leaders are encouraged to registering online at GESS Dubai.