New Year


When exactly does your new year begin? Is it January 1st as everyone else’s? Truth be told your new year can begin whenever you decide. It can begin when you are blessed with another year of life, at the beginning of an academic school year, or whenever you decide that you want to be a new you.

Typically, when the “New Year” begins, we set these enormous resolutions for ourselves and then we begin to share them with the world so that everyone will know that we are trying to be better and are attempting to soar to new heights. However, what happens if you do not stay committed to these new goals? How do others view you? How do you view yourself?

I would like to encourage you to try a slightly different approach:

  1. Purchase a notebook that is big enough to hold your nightly dreams yet small enough to travel with you throughout your daily routine.
  2. On the very first page write down the date and every single thing that you would like to accomplish…that’s right EVERY SINGLE THING! Be sure that these ideas are inclusive of you and the community around you. Helping others has a way of helping you find yourself and instilling an attitude of gratitude within you.
  3. On the next page, put them in order from the easiest to achieve to the most difficult.
  4. On the third page, make up three different dates that will signify a “New Year” for you. Who ever said that you could only have one New Year anyway? Under each date, list 2 things that you would like to accomplish within your first “New Year”.
  5. On the fourth page write the current date and the 2 goals that you are working towards up until your first “New Year” date.
  6. Throughout every single day, write down all the things that you did that day and determine if they assisted you in getting closer to achieving your two goals. Continue this until the deadline that you have given yourself.

The twist to this is that you can only verbally tell 2 people about your goals. That’s right, you have to keep them within a tight trustworthy circle. Make sure that the two people that you choose are positive, encouraging, and supportive. For everyone else, model the characteristics of someone that is on the verge of something great and the discipline it takes to achieve it. This will relieve some of the pressure that you may feel to make these dreams a reality and takes away the need to explain the progress of these goals. As you privately record your progress, you will be able to reflect on the things that helped you to get closer to your goals as well as serve as a hindrance.

Remember that, at any time, you can start a “New Year” and become a new you. Celebrate your small successes and learn from your setbacks. At the end of the year, read through your notebook(s) to reflect on how far you have come in reference to your goals and your entire being. Then, help a friend to start his or her own notebook and “New Year” journey. Let me be the first to say, “Happy New Year!