Ministry of Education, Adek services streamlined


Several services reassigned to Ministry’s Customer Happiness Centre as part of initiatives to standardise UAE education sector.

Abu Dhabi: As part of the alignment process between the Ministry of Education and the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (Adek), the latter has announced that 24 of its services in the capital will now be provided by the Ministry’s Customer Happiness Centre.

The transfer of these services to the Ministry’s centres will further standardise the education system in the UAE, thus contributing to higher standards and outcomes, Adek said in a statement on Saturday.

The services available at the Ministry’s Happiness Centre include applying for registration in public schools, home study and adult education, as well as applications for registration of People of Determination, for student transfer among public schools, for re-enrollment in public schools, to study the financial situation, for booking a seat for the next academic year, for amending student data, for registration for drop-out students who do not hold academic qualifications, for attested academic certificates and for issuing a continuity of study certificate.

Additionally, the Happiness Centre will also provide services like application for academic sequence certificate, application for tuition statement, application for transfer to study in another emirate, application for drop out certificate, application of attested good conduct certificate, application for examination attendance notice, application for exam dates notice, application for equivalency of academic certificate, application for non-compliant equivalency of academic certificate, application for review of exam paper in public schools and application to use sports facilities and auditoriums.

Source: Gulf News