Make Earth a Liveable Planet


By Smiksha Singla, Delhi Private School Sharjah

It is actually silly and ridiculous that, as humans, we have done so much advancement in probably every field around us but the one thing which attended to us in our times of need and gave us more than enough resources to help us live in a luxurious and comfortable manner we have neglected our duties towards. As said by DhirubhaiAmbani, he is are deaf to the word no, the others are deaf to the word environment. Why are we neglecting our environment? Why do we fail to comfort that one thing that has always comforted us! What is that one thing?

Mother earth is the answer! It is pretty ironic that life till now exists on one planet, but we see destruction of life on the same planet. Why do people want to torture ourselves and die by living through the consequences of what we have done! We might as well stab ourselves!

It certainly depends on us to make the earth as it was: flawless, beautiful and an extraordinary place to live in.

And it is indeed our duty as well! Mother earth is our saviour, our helper, our provider, our nanny, our mother! However, we continue to destroy her and everything that lives on it. This shows how self-concerned and selfish we are!

Still! We the citizens of the world have not taken any initiative as yet after so much destruction, so many riots and so many climatic problems. Global warming – do we know what global warming is? We know why it’s happening, we even know that we are responsible for it. However, we are still, and will be, doing the same thing for years until nothing is left! The future is very easily predictable – in a few hundred years or so the earth will be history and why will not be a mystery!

We would have to pay an immensely high price after the critical stage is reached! We are not far from it! We have to understand that everything in this world has a right to live! Including earth.

Despite this catastrophe and the destruction, the earth has not lost hope and neither have the handful of humans who are actually trying to make a difference.

If we join our hands and look to the opportunities we have to save mother earth, we could actually make a difference! A big difference that will actually help us live a hundred years or more as we have to conserve our precious resources for our coming generation. Rather than regretting and living through the extreme conditions, we might as well look into the past, calculate the future and take action towards a better future, society, environment and earth. Do not think that the small acts we do don’t help us: those will turn into memorable tasks and will achieve us tremendous support.

Technology and computers have reached exceptionally high abilities; now it’s time to make a balance and move forward. We can still do it. We cannot change our future but we can certainly decide it by taking action now! And eventually it will lead to the transformation of the future!