Maha Shahid, Garrison College for Girls, Lahore, Pakistan.


Where the world is running out of most of its vital resources, what we still have in our hand is our youth. These 1.2 billion young minds, with their remarkable perception and extraordinary inventiveness, hold the competency to change the world for the better. All they require is enlightenment on what resides within them and just a little guidance. 

TYV has played this role, the role of a mentor in each reader’s life. TYV has been a major part of my life over the past four years. First, as a reader, and now as both a reader and an Ambassador. TYV is that platform our youth is in search of. It has achieved milestones in building new perspectives and training young minds. Moreover, it has made it possible for the youngsters to speak their minds through their pen. I wish to do the same and serve TYV with complete dedication and perseverance. My vision is to save souls from dying before they are dead and TYV is the key step towards it. Let’s spread the word to the world that we have the power to change this world for the better, to not just survive but live.