Arthi Anbalagan Pandian, New Indian Model School – Dubai


Apart from wanting to satisfy my own selfish desires of being able to listen to and interact with others by being an Ambassador (it’s human nature and I’m a victim of humanity), I truly believe that The Young Vision gives the youth as a whole an opportunity to present their untainted and genuine illustration of their outlooks, which makes it a serene and secure environment for them to confide in, without the consternation of being constantly judged. The pivotal reason why I absolutely love TYV is because they never fail to surprise me. Pleasantly, of course. This makes me feel even more privileged to be a part of such a prestigious and empowering community.

I would like to thank TYV, Namrata Ma’am, and the entire team for aiding the youth so faithfully to accept, help and broaden their compass of knowledge.

Being an Ambassador, I am looking forward to helping TYV reach exceptional heights. I’m also hoping to help others in this journey through this illuminating platform, just as it has assisted me countless times to learn and grow past our insecurities.