Lojain Omran Scholarship Chair Announced at AU


Media Excellence Award for Students by Lojain Omran.

A renowned TV presenter and social media influencer in the UAE and the Middle East, Lojain Omran visited Ajman University. Her visit comes within the framework of strengthening AUs’ ties with the community through social engagement and community initiatives.  Students from all colleges and departments joined the AU management to welcome her on campus.

AU has launched a Scholarship Initiative aimed at encouraging community members to be an active part of a student’s academic career through their endowed chairs. “Lojain Omran Chair” agreement was signed during this visit. Male or female student wishing to study in the College of Mass Communication and Humanities can apply for this Chair beginning next academic year.

Whilst visiting the industry standard Audio Video and Radio Studios on campus, she praised the facilities and the dedication of the faculty members, which was evident in the graduating cadre that join the work force regularly. She announced a “Lojain Omran Media Excellence Award” for student who contributes positively and actively to promote the culture of tolerance, peace and harmony. She insisted that everyone has a role to play in ensuring a positive and responsible environment for all. The award comes at a time when not just the big screen presenters but even students with their mobile screens can reach masses and have an impact on their lives.

AU has a graduates Fund initiative “A Tree to Set Them Free” wherein any member of the society can buy a tree of varying nature, that will planted on campus in their honor. The fund is utilized for relieving the graduating students who are financially encumbered and unable to clear their dues and receive their final certificates. AU dedicated a palm tree in Lojain Omran’s honor and Dr. Karim Seghir, AU Chancellor, gifted it to her during her visit.

Lojain Omran was delighted to see hundreds of patients being treated at the dental clinic for a nominal amount. She toured the Colege of Dentistry and its clinics along with the Virtual Pharmacy at the College of Pharmacy. Male and female student fans followed her across the campus as she visited the facilities and Colleges.

She was briefed on the new developments in the infrastructure like the Student Community Centre that will house the library, student facilities and administrative offices amongst other avenues of student leisure and comfort. The entourage also visited the new Medical College facilities that are soon to be launched at AU.

Lojain Omran adviced students to practice responsible journalism through social media, she insisted that information should be verified before forwarding or posting, this is our duty to our community.