Leading with a difference

[Kings’ School’s approach delivers the highest standards of education is rooted in British heritage and international perspective.]

At Kings’ Schools, you can trust your child’s career with the best education.

At Kings’ Schools we teach our children to become effective, enthusiastic and independent lifelong learners, able to adapt to challenges and thrive in a fast-moving, modern world.
What sets us apart is not only our inspiring, passionate and highly qualified staff, world-class facilities and educational track record, but also our guiding principles through which we strive everyday to do ‘The Best by Every Child’.

Our approach to delivering the highest standards of education is rooted in our British heritage and international perspective. We treat each child as an individual; crafting personalised pathways to ensure they get the most from their exciting learning journey.

As one of the foremost international schools groups in Dubai, our family-led community is as diverse as the nation it proudly represents. British families are still the overwhelming majority with more than sixty other nationalities represented. While our academic approach is predominantly based on the UK education system, at Kings’ we embrace an international educational culture by adapting the best aspects of global learning.

Kings’ Dubai continues to be the longest standing ‘outstanding’ school in Dubai. Our foundation, primary and secondary schools share an impressive record of academic achievements and progress. We understand that in a highly competitive world your children need the very best start in life. To make this a reality we hand-select the best teachers from around the world; individuals who we are confident will nurture, develop and provide your child with world-class learning opportunities within the context of strong pastoral care.

At Kings’ we do things differently. This isn’t a marketing cliché but refers to the way we place emotional intelligence at the heart of everything we do. Happy children are successful individuals and we work hard to infuse a love of learning within a supportive, challenging and inclusive environment. This still results in strong attainment but without undermining the importance of wider student achievement.

Learning behaviours are also a key focus at Kings’ from collaboration, critical thinking and enquiring minds to emotional intelligence and leadership. Teaching children to think for themselves and flourish in a technologically advanced society, we know that effective communication, working with others, problem solving, risk taking and overcoming challenges is part and parcel of being a Kings’ learner.

We believe that everyone in school should be a role model to others, right from the youngest members of our community. Achieving results the right way while enjoying learning is fundamental. Respect for each other, the outcomes of their learning, and their environment is essential. Progress and academic success go hand in hand with fun, and we are very hands-on when it comes to ensuring our children are equipped with the right skills and learning tools while monitoring their wellbeing and rewarding achievement.

I feel personally honoured and privileged to be at the helm of such a wonderful group of schools. However, beyond the essential importance of leadership, it is our children, learning professionals and parents that collectively shape, support and deliver the Kings’ vision. Together, we continue to develop and inspire our young learners to become the leaders of tomorrow.

– Alan Williamson, Director of Kings’ Education & Principal at Kings’ School Al Barsha

Source: Khaleej Times