Focus on individual learning

[British schools further weave technology into its subjects, giving rise to a forward-thinking, tech-savvy generation.

Enrol in a British school to open up doors of academic opportunity.

The British curriculum is a highly respectable and sought-after syllabus in the UAE, where students indulge in a vibrant practical and theoretical learning experience.

Several schools in the UAE apply the system, which has proven to give rise to intellectual children, who later on become exceptional thinkers and leaders in their own right. According to the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), 58 out of 185 private schools in Dubai alone are dedicated to the British curriculum. Its latest report, released this year, further revealed that these schools are highly rated in terms of education quality, activities and achievements.

Designed to meet all the developmental needs of students, British education opens up portals of thoughts and opinions. It encourages students to question, explore and evaluate different circumstances and make sound decisions based on sound judgement. Teachers take on novel teaching modes and assessment methods that aim to develop analytical thinking and adopt a global mindset among students.

The system is categorised into three stages – the Foundation for ages three to five, Primary for 5 to 11 year olds, and Secondary education that is targeted at ages 11 to 18. Upon completing Secondary education, students are granted an A-Level qualification, which opens up doors to unlimited course options. British schools further weave technology into its subjects, giving rise to a forward-thinking, tech-savvy generation. In addition to classes, extra-curricular activities form an essential part of the school system. From involvement in performing arts to excellence in sports, students are encouraged to take part in a variety of activities that add to mental and physical growth.

With qualified teachers hailing from all over the world, British schools are confident in creating positive thinkers and exceptional leaders. Kings’ Schools, for instance, follow a tagline “The Best by Every Child”. Each student is considered an individual, with boundless potential to grow and develop into a bright adult. Similarly, The Aquila School promotes independent and creative thinkers with ambition and purpose. British education continues to remain one of the top and highly recognised curricula in the UAE, giving students an opportunity to access some of the most competitive universities in the world.

Source: Khaleej Times